A Project of Free Education for All


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About Us

   You Be a Member of 
   If You Think Like a         

Designations are valid till one official year,and after this period new nominees would be announced...

we all are students and doing work  for the welfare of the students without any profit.

our vision is just serve in all kind of educational, financial problems ....

our designated members are    

                                                                Main Chapter

                                      President: Adeel Mushtaq  

                                          Raza Akhtar                     (V.President)           03124680597

                                          Hussnain Jameel Faredi  (G.Secretary)

                                          Waqar Sattar                    (F. Secretary)

                                          AHSAN JAVED                 (Information Secretary)                                          

Ghulam Nabi (Ambassador)

            Ali Kamran (Ambassador))               

Shehbaz Ahmad(Promoter)  Shahan Ahmad (Promoter)  Majid Ghfoor(Promoter)

                                                                 Girls Chapter

                                              Pawan Masuad(Female Coordinator)

                     Ghazala Nawaz (IT consultant)           Abhia Zahra (Promoter)