A Project of Free Education for All


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  Our vision 
                                               (A project of Free Education for All)
                                                                   Our Motives
Free Education for all as much as we can Provide, 
Personality development through special seminars,lectures, Career Counselling, Preceptors Virtual Library, Educational campaigns, Financial support,Book Bank.
                                 Following are the Ways to achieve motives

In a first step of membership for “Ps” are required to be a “Preceptor” in Preceptors…

  • Personality
  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Punctuality

And in the second step following rules would be followed…

  • Society does work on the rule of “All for each and each for All”
  • The society is organized on the principles of democracy. Every Member has equal say in the affairs of the society. No member can dictate terms. The decision of the majority is binding on others.
  • The membership of the society is voluntary. Any person who has the common interest can be the member of the society.
  • The elected members of the society who manage the affairs of the society should be the men of principles.
  • The resources of the society are limited, so the active members would have to contribute on monthly bases, which would be decided in the general meeting.
  • The members would try their utmost in avoiding wastes in the purchasing of commodities. The money should be spent economically and in the best interests of the society.
  • The members to should have mutual confidence among each other. They would work together in achieving the objectives of the society, neglecting their personal misunderstanding.
  • Members are not allowed to blame, make fun etc. on each other.
  • Society provides the education to their members for creating the elements of self-help and corporation in them.
  • Any member can leave the society by giving the due notice to the designated members.
  • Designated members would be considered most respected in the society because they are elected by the society. Any misbehavior by the other members to the designated members would be noticed strictly.
  • Society is doing work without considering the religious, cast, color, creed differences.
  • All designations are valid till one year. After completing the official year new nominees would be announced for upcoming year.